Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sacred Drum Vision

My Goatskin Hoop Drum

I have a beautiful deep toned heartbeat goatskin hoop drum made by a woman named White Bear on Lopez Island. All this reading about Shamanism has me thinking maybe it is about time to paint it.
These painted drums photographed in the book Sacred Drumming by Steven Ash inspire me. Under the heading, Painting Your Drum, Ash advises… “In the painting of your drum, you will imprint your spirit based on your personal dreams and visions that are coming to you from Spirit. There is no rush – it may be years until you get around to painting your drum and that is fine. Wait until you feel totally right about doing it.”

Good thing there is no rush. I have had my drum for years, always intending to paint it one day. All I need now is a sacred drum vision.